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Molly Hughes Media

Confidence Creator - Communications Coach


About Me

First, I'm happy you're here because that may mean we are aligned and will end up working together. How fun would that be? 

I love what I do. 


Specifically, I've earned mastery in the art of video storytelling. I've also been told I'm exceptional at mining deep for details of a person's or brand's story then connecting the dots in a way that's relatable to its target audience.


After all, that's essentially what I did all day every day for more than 25 years as I prepared for and reported on the evening news. It's remarkable how the skill set I developed in TV is a perfect fit for what's needed in today's world of social media; visual storytelling, content creation, entrepreneurship, and brand-building. 


My favorite thing is to share what I've learned in broadcasting and coach people into crafting what they want when it comes to creating and delivering a message in a relatable and memorable way. 


Accordingly, I offer a suite of services. If any of this sounds helpful scroll down to book a free discovery call.  

It's time to upgrade your video skills

With 82% of online search results projected to include video content in 2022, it is SO important to use video content to promote your product, service, or small business on social media.

That is why I have created the Video Glow Academy where you will learn every aspect of video storytelling, marketing, strategy, presence, and production. 

Whether you are brand new to video production or have video knowledge, we have a program that fits you. 

Video Glow Academy provides you with a supportive community of industry experts and fellow video makers and business owners. 

Let me coach you

I coach in groups and privately one-to-one. 

My newest offering is a membership to the Video Glow Academy.

Due to COVID, all sessions are held on Zoom.

All sessions are LIVE and interactive.

Join the Video Glow Academy to elevate your video content. 

Free Discovery Call

Schedule your call with Molly to get started on creating presentations that GLOW!

Book a Consultation


"It was really helpful because Molly helped me identify my unique brand and story by highlighting who I am and the knowledge and experience I have. It really helped me to have confidence moving forward."


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Email:  /  Tel: 720-339-3549

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