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Molly Hughes,
Award Winning News Anchor
Confidence Creator
Communications Coach

Coaching you into confidence to nail your presentation

Molly Hughes is a communications consultant and coach. After

more than 25 years as a broadcast journalist, companies and individuals now hire her to help them uplevel their game when it comes to public speaking, presentation skills, media training, and on-camera performance. 

Her most recent media gig was at The Denver Post where she      co-created and served as the Director of Denver Post TV for about 3 years. During her time at The Denver Post, Hughes was nominated for the 2017 Heartland Regional Emmy Award for her interview with Sue Klebold, mother of Columbine gunman Dylan Klebold. In addition to her on-camera reporting, she oversaw daily editorial content as well as production decisions which grew the video revenue by 167% in year one and an additional 97% in the second year. 

Before that, Hughes made a name for herself in Colorado while serving as the primary evening news anchor at CBS in Denver for nearly 10 years. She's the winner of the 2005 Emmy for Best News Anchor and the 2005 Emmy for Best Hard News Series. She was nominated for no less than six other Emmys while at CBS4 Denver.


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